The Main 220 Repeater System 224.700 (-)  Open  PL


The N7MLF 220 repeater is Two DR-235TMkIII with Wacom Duplexer  WP652 (210-260 MHz) type 4 cavity pass-reject.  with a CAT-200B Repeater Controller and dual isolator. It has a fan to keep the Tx cool, Muffin fans to suck and blow air in & out of the repeater box, Pyramid Amp Switching DC Power Supply.

The NEW 220 Site COMING SOON Is located in at the northwest corner of Washoe County.

The repeater antenna is W1BX Ringo ARX220 Cushcraft featuring three ⅝ wave radiating elements and an adjustable ⅛ wave phasing stub. The result is a very low angle of radiation over your coverage area. The Ringo Ranger has built-in lightning protection, UV-stabilized insulators, heavy wall tubing, radials to eliminate feedline radiation, and all-weather performance. 

The 220 Repeater is cross banding VOIP with a Kenwood TM-621A The VOIP system is AllStar - Echolink from the main 2 meter repeater. The 220 System is located at the home of N7MLF in Sparks NV. See the botton of this page for system specifications and more information.


Pictures Below

The View of the 220 repeater  



Pictures of the 220 repeater and the system in the box .








Wacom Duplexer WP652 (210-260 MHz) type 4 cavity pass-reject.  Specifications

WP652 (210-260 MHz)

Type: 4 cavity pass-reject

Minimum freq. spacing      1.0 MHz
Insertion loss             1.5 dB/1 Mhz, 1.2 > 1.5 MHz
Max. continuous power      200 watts
Tx noise supp. at Rx freq. 85 dB/1 MHz, 90/1.5 MHz, 95/5 MHz
Rx isolation at Tx freq.   85 dB/1 MHz, 90/1.5 MHz, 95/5 MHz
Temperature range          -30 to +60C
VSWR                       1.3:1

DR-235TMkIII Specifications

 Features of DR-235TMkIII:

  • EJ-41U internal TNC board is available as an option for 1200/9600bps packet

  • EJ-47U digital voice F1E board available as an option

  • +/-2.5ppm Frequency stability with TCXO circuit

  • 25 watts, H/M/L power settings

  • 100 memory channels

  • Front panel data port

  • Rear panel DSUB9 computer connection

  • No need to remove mic for packet operation

  • Ignition key on/off feature

  • CTCSS, DCS encode+decode, DTMF encode and Tone-burst are all standards

  • Clean, clear Alinco audio

  • Super-wide 7 character alphanumeric display

  • Wide and narrow FM modes (16K0 & 8K50F3E)

  • Theft alarm feature

  • A large, palm-fitting commercial-grade backlit microphone with a metal connector (not a modular plug)

  • Stays in mode you select (voice/packet) through
    power off cycles

Manufacturer's Specifications


Frequency range
TX:222.000 - 224.995 MHz
RX:216.000 - 279.995MHz
Operating mode16K0F3E (FM)/8K50F3E (Narrow-FM)
Frequency resolution5, 8.33, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50 KHz
Memory channel100 channels + 1 call channel
Ant. impedance50 ohm unbalanced
Frequency stability+/- 2.5 ppm
Microphone impedance2K ohm
Rated voltage13.8 VDC +/- 15% (11.7-15.8V)
CurrentTransmit: approx. 8.0A
Receive: approx. 600mA (Max) 400mA (Squelched)
Operating temperature-10Dig.C to +60Dig.C (+14Dig.F to +140Dig.F)
GroundNegative ground
Dimensions142(W) x 40(H) x 174(D) mm
5.58"(W) x 1.57"(H) x 6.83"(D)
WeightApprox. 1.0Kg (35.3oz)
Power output25W (HI)
10W (MID)
Approx. 5W (LOW)
Modulationvariable reactance
Spurious emission-60 dB or less
Maximum frequency deviation+/- 5 KHz / +/- 2.5 KHz (Narrow mode)
CircuitryDouble-conversion superheterodyne
Sensitivity-12.0 dBu (0.25uV) or less (12dB SINAD)
Intermediate frequency1st IF 30.85MHz, 2nd IF 455 KHz
Squelch sensitivity-16.0 dBu (0.1 uV)
Selectivity (-6 dB)12 KHz or more
6 KHz or more (Narrow mode)
Selectivity (-60 dB)28 KHz or less
14 KHz or less (Narrow mode)
Audio output2.0 W (8 ohm, 10% distortion)