Our Group Information

 It's a open system so visit us!

We are a small group with repeaters and links that have a VOIP system. We link up from time to time, We use AllStar, Echolink, IRLP to do that. This is a open system to all licensed amateur radio operators. Most systems are linked to other systems to provide a wide coverage by VOIP Systems. You may wish to look the calls up at www.qrz.com to get more information on that call or system. Note some of the systems may not be a part of the Pacific Northwest Connection group. They may just link in part-time but they are a open system.

Arlan (KA7ZAU) & Jay (N7MLF) 146.895 (-) PL 100.0 & 224.700 (-) PL 100.0 Reno & Sparks, NV Jay N7MLF is a controller for Reno and Sparks NV System by computer 

Dave (K7NBO) 147.520 PL 100.0 North Bend, OR     EchoLink node # 349161

Skip (K7ZAA) 147.470 PL 100 .0 Myrtle Point, OR  EchoLink node # 7756

Doug (W7IRJ) 147.520 PL 100.0 Roseburg, OR

Dick (KA7LUF) 446.075 PL 100.0 Newport, OR

Adam (KM6RD) 145.560 PL 103.5  Salem, OR

Dave (K7NBO) 146.415 PL 110.9 Shingletown CA

Kenney (KD6LKM) 147.520 PL 156.7 Modesto, CA

Bob (W6REB) 439.775 Pl 127.3 or 147.435 PL 127.3  Capitola, CA (Website> Click Here 

Bob (W6REB) 439.775 PL 127.3 Redding, CA (Website > Click Here  

Bill (K6PKL) 441.000 PL 250.3 or 145.540 PL 110.9  Manteca, CA  (website >   Click Here

Darren (K6RDJ) 147.120 PL 77.0 or 441.275 PL 77.0 San Walken, Valley CA   (website > Click Here

Rebecca (KD6TDE) 147.560 PL 110.9  Tracy, CA

Ruth (KB6EMJ) 147.510 PL 110.9  Tracy, CA

Darrell (KC5CZX) 444.175 (+) PL 123  Lubbock, TX   for more information email Darrell At KC5CZX@yahoo.com  

TJ  (KB8JXX) 444.850 (+) PL 103.5 146.520 (-) PL 103.5 147.240 (+) PL 103.5 Anchorage  & Wasilla Alaska. (James KC7VUN is a Controller for Alaska system by Computer from Port Angles, WA)

NEIL  (W7FED)  443.350 PL 77hz  Burien, WA  (Website >  Click Here