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Hello and welcome to the KA7ZAU and the N7MLF repeater system. This is a Family-Owned system in Reno Sparks NV. The repeaters were built to cover down town Reno and the east side of Sparks, Victorian Square in downtown Sparks, Truck Stops (Alamo) (Petro) (Travel Center Of America) and Spanish Springs Valley. The repeaters are open for all licensed amateur operators to use.

If you are travelling and will be in the area, you may use the Echolink to connect to your link back home or anywhere, so you can stay in touch with friends, etc. The repeaters are serving the valley floor of Reno and Sparks NV and surrounding areas.

This system will and has been providing communications during special events, nets and in times of emergency. We are not a club, we just support Amateur Radio Communication when we can. See more support info at this link > Public Support

The 2 meter system has EchoLink on it. Access codes and or how to use the Echolink system on the 2 meter is located on this website under Echolink System info or CLICK THIS LINK ---> Echolink-System

If you have any questions about the repeaters comments or suggestions please use our Contact Us page and share your thoughts! We will be happy to help. Thanks for visiting our site.

We are affiliated or members of WCARES/RACES, Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Society Inc, We are a member of ARRL

Live Audio Feed of the system click link below

Quick Reference Below For Repeater Information

 2 Meter Repeater information

  • Main VHF Repeater (MSR2000)

  • 146.895 MHz (-)
  • Input: 146.295
  • PL: 100.0 Hz
  • VOIP System:
  • Location: Peavine Mountain

220 Repeater Information

  • Main 220 Repeater (Bridge Com)

  • 224.700 MHz (-)
  • Input:223.100
  • PL: 123.0 HZ
  • VOIP System: soon by link from 146.895
  • Location: Peavine Mountain