Ham Radio At The Regional Emergency Operations Center (REOC)


Washoe County Earthquake Preparedness Exercise Series 2013


Washoe County, Sierra Fire Protection District, Evac Exercise.May 18, 2009 All agencies Disaster Evac training, 'Grizzly Fire' exercise, with base camp at Galena High School, Fire trucks and Helicopters and more.


SB140 Presentation on new Nevada cell phone law. How it affects Amateurs. By NHP Trooper Chuck Allen




Prepared For A Major Earthquake!

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 On the 1st Saturday monthly at 9:00am PST Washoe County ARES/RACES training session will be held at the Regional Emergency Operational Center (REOC),

 5195 Spectrum Blvd, Reno, Nevada 89512

>>  VOLUNTEERS NEEDED <<  >>  Check out the ARES Calendar of Events  

They are looking for radio operators. If you are interested please sign up with Bob Miller at [email protected] 

Link >> ARES Calendar of Events



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KA7ZAU Talking At 36000 ft

On Delta Airlines using Delta Wi-Fi on Echolink (12-11-12)

Saltlake city,Utah to Sacramento California Jay N7MLF having fun tracking and talking on the radio. He was using http://www.flightaware.com/ to track. Note sorry for the coughing and seizing my dad N7MLF had a cold that day.

Small video and sound of us talking




HF EchoLink 100

This program is a plug in for Echolink and controls HF rigs that are remote. It is pretty nice, you should give it a whirl. As they say HF privileges are a terrible thing to waste! for operators that have home CCR or live apartment complexes. Where outside HF antennas are a no or if you have a neighbor that has complaints over fuzzy televisions. 

Note the Main Menu is on the right side when you get to the link. http://www.hfremote.us/ or http://www.hfremote.us/EQ100.html

The next box is a small Video on EchoLink 100